2018 Research Report Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation and Research: Building the Roadmap The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation, along with you, are making a difference in cutaneous lymphoma research! CLARIONS Research Award = 4 years, $350,000, 59 applications, 14 - $25,000 grants awarded! The CLARIONS research award program (Curing Cutaneous Lymphoma by Advancing Research, Innovation, and Offering New Solutions) was the first award designed to fund research specifically focused on cutaneous lymphomas. The CLARIONS was successful beyond expectations, revealing a high level of interest in both the scientific and patient advocacy communities for research projects aimed at characterizing the biological foundations of cutaneous lymphomas and addressing the clinical care challenges faced by patients and caregivers every day. As the CLARIONS Research Award Program comes to a close, the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation’s Board of Directors are committed to continuing to fund cutaneous lymphoma specific research. As part of their commitment, and in an effort to ensure our funding makes the greatest impact, we have enlisted the expertise of leading clinicians in cutaneous lymphoma to form our all new Research Advisory Council. Co-chairing the Research Advisory Council are Drs. Pierluigi Porcu and Christine Eischens from Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Together they worked to develop a balanced group of patients, advocates and researchers across all disciplines, as well as geographic locations, whose primary goal is to explore and construct a recommendation for the Board of Directors on where the Foundation should focus its research efforts next – our Research Roadmap. With the hard work and dedication of the Research Advisory Council, the Research Roadmap development is well underway. We are grateful to all the medical professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to supporting the Foundation, our mission and the people we serve. We are equally as grateful for you, the members of our community, for your support and financial contributions allowing us to fund this important work. Lauren Pinter-Brown, MD Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Pierluigi Porcu, MD Thomas Jefferson University Thank you to the physicians who served on this year’s CLARIONS Scientific Review Council: Stuart Lessin, MD, Committee Chair KGL Skin Study Center Steven Horwitz, MD Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Youn Kim, MD Stanford Cancer Institute